Thursday, November 15, 2012

My heart is crying...

Dear friends..

We are the Siberian birds. All of us are born at Ichapuram (Telukunchi village in Ichapuram mandal) and that way ichapuram became our home town. When we had strength in our wings we went to Siberian area. There we spent our child hood. Over time we grew up young and some of the young ones among us loved each other. Then came the jubilant June, and elders in our families decided to knot down the pairs. Then we all decided to come back to the home town to celebrate the ceremonies. Then we flew back to Telukunchi in last July month with lot of happy and joy... with so many hopes. Many of our young couples were married and were blessed by baby boys and girls.

At that time there happened an unexpected thing the arrival of neelam. It is a cyclone because of which we could not give food to our babies. Some of our baby's wings were broken and some of them are died (in fact killed). Our hearts broke down, all the joy and happiness disappeared. Since then we have been crying..crying and crying.. The same thing has been happening time and again over some decades in Telukunchi. Our leaders have promised us so many times to protect our community. But all those promises became writings in water. So we eagerly pray our ministers and government to kindly take necessary action to protect our community.. In addition we request them to develop Telukunchi as a tourism spot. The rest we will take care to attract the tourism.

At this time we are ready to go to Siberia with hearts filled with sorrow. But we hope all of you are going to welcome us with necessary protective actions.

..Uddavolu Khaga Bhushana Rao, Ichapuram


himaja said...

informative posts

Krishna said...

i am proud to ichapuram city.because i am born in ichapuram