Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beautiful Ichapuram

Ichapuram (also known as Ichchapuram), the northern border of Andhra Pradesh state, and my home town is one of the most beautiful places in the country. ..Brings to memory the wonderful time I spent there as a child...surrounded by Bengal sea, Peerla hills, mesmerizing Bahuda river and Orissa’s beauty.
There lies a story about the name of this town. Long back since Nawab's tenure the Goddess of Ichapuram village is Sri Swechchavati Ammavaru. At that time ancestors decided to name this village as Swechchapuram. Gradually over the time period this has become Ichapuram in pronounciation

Somethings I cannot forget till date..

Karteeka maasam (October/November) celebrations at Bahuda river:
During Karteeka maasam (which is considered to be the most sacred month in telugu calendar), ...we used to start from home early in the morning at 4 AM, accompanied by cheddy baddies (friends) and neighbors, to take bath in the river. It was so exciting feeling that I remember those days of walking over the National Highway-5 reaching there to the river and jumping in along with friends. At times we used to burn crackers there on the back of the river and do some poojas. Once after enjoying the holy bath, people heads to Lord Shiva (Pataleswara) temple located on the bank of this river. This is one other place in my memories which takes hours and hours if I start narrating my experiences there.. so I am holding on to my horse now... let us listen to this little later...

Margasira maasa (November/December) celebrations on Peerla Hills:
Peerla Hills stand as a testimony to communal harmony. There is a mosque that lies atop the hill that is visited by people of all religious faiths. Almost every Thursday of Margasira month (November/December) we used to visit Peerla Hills, where celebrations happen and people bring their offerings for the almighty. During my child hood (was less than 8 years old) I used to go along with my mother and cousins. Before starting the trekking on to the hill, we used to break a coconut on the first step and then start. Once after reaching the hill top, offer the sweet packet (prasadam), take blessings of the almighty. Still I remember one funny incident (sounds funny now, but it was a horrible instance for me at that time). One fine day my brother and I went there to the hill top along with my mother and some other relatives, but while returning we both were lost and could not find my mother. We started weeping looking at each other’s faces almost for an hour. Then after, fortunately few of our relatives came back searching for us, and started laughing at our tinted faces.

This is one side of the story, there is another side of it. It is 1998, My friend Ramaraju (Doing PhD to get a Doctorate degree) were studying intermediate second year. Went to the hill top accompanied by Srinu (N Sreenu) and some others friends. Once after climbing the hill top (enjoying the beauty of the city sight-seeing), we decided to go down over the rare side of the hill where there are no stairs. We started walking, and Ramaraju (always excited), started running slowly. But the downward inertia started pushing him, and he ended up rolling like Humpty (or you can call Dumpty). Fortunately nothing much happened except for his shirt torn out. Then Srinu gave his extra Shirt (POLO shirt) that he was waring. But believe it or not the enjoyment was limitless. The breeze and the scenery are still there before my eyes...

Now there comes the story of the Bengal sea beach , Kanuma hills (Trinatha temple), Siberian Birds at Telukunchi, Tumba Forests & Water Falls, Sonpur Beach (Sunnapur), Donkuru Island and Orissa's beauty... Stay tuned to listen about it ;).. Till then enjoy the Photo Album


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Simply supperb... reminds me of my child hood pastimes... Thanks for sharing the thoughts on My beautiful home town Ichapuram... :)

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Really its a nice place for friends for enjoyment. No one can forget those memorable days.

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iam so happy first time see the bloger.
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